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Gateway Advantages

How Can Gateway Health Help Your Organization?

There are numerous advantages to your organization by selecting Gateway Health to administer the employee health benefits plan and utilizing the cost-effective services supported by our world class technology. Gateway has the capacity to manage every aspect of your health benefits plan and fully serve the needs and requirements of your organization's employees and dependents.

Long Term Satisfaction and Consistent Savings

Our clients hold us accountable for superior client and member service, controlling costs, and effective plan management. In short, we deliver! It’s important to point out that Gateway is a Virginia based benefits management company whose focus has always been balancing the needs of the employers who pay for care, the employees who receive care, and the providers who deliver care.  

Comparison of Utilization Statistics

Utilization Comparison

 (Sources – Competitor; Gateway Health Client Reports)

Largest Virginia

Competitor (PPO)




Gateway Health vs. Largest Competitor

Admissions / 1,000 Members



19.4% Fewer Admissions

Average Length of Stay (ALOS)



0.13% Decreased ALOS

Inpatient Days / 1,000 Members



(5 year average)

30.0% Fewer Inpatient Hospital Days

Lower Health Plan Costs

Our clients consistently realize renewals that are well below the national average. Through our competitive provider discounts and lower utilization (see chart above), we have absolute confidence that your organization will save significant healthcare dollars from the start. Healthy Solutions is an integral part of our cost containment efforts.

Capped Costs

Health Plan costs are capped by specific stop-loss reinsurance limits. Your organization will reap the savings from managing a partially self-funded health plan while limiting financial risk.   

Provider Network

Gateway Health will offer a comprehensive provider network for the employees and dependents of your organization. Gateway’s impressive network includes access to over 8,000 area physicians and more than 50 regional hospitals including Duke, UNC, NC Baptist, UVa, MCV, Carilion, HCA (Lewis Gale), Centra and many more. An important point to keep in mind is that Gateway does not retain any portion of discounts nor or there any hidden fees when crossing state borders, as is currently the case with large traditional carriers.

Medical Management

Gateway’s medical management dramatically reduces the incidence and severity of large claims, which are the most significant cost drivers for any plan. Healthy Solutions prospectively identifies moderate-to-high risk members via claims and pharmacy data, Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s), and on-site biometric screenings. At-risk members are then actively engaged with incentives in order to improve quality of life while reducing plan costs. Medical, prescription, pre-authorization, HRA and encounter data are all integrated and provided to Gateway Medical Management nurses, giving them the total picture of information for each member they manage. Healthy Solutions will provide your organization with the region’s most comprehensive Worksite Wellness and Disease Management Program. Research demonstrates that control of employers’ health benefit costs cannot be managed without an effective wellness and disease management program.

Flexibility and Control

Our partially self-funded model, combines cutting edge technological capabilities, information sharing, expert medical management, and innovative benefit design, which enables us to uniquely respond to the financial parameters and employee needs of your organization. Large carriers simply cannot match our levels of cost-control customization. Furthermore, they have no incentive to allow the employer to maintain control.

Local Dedicated Service Team

Gateway’s highly trained staff will be available on-site to ensure a smooth start-up transition. Our intimate knowledge of providers’ critical issues regarding benefit design, claims, utilization review, and disease management bring a well-rounded perspective on our commitment to meeting the needs of the employers who pay for care, the employees who receive care and the providers who deliver care.

Expansive Online Services

Our comprehensive proprietary predictive modeling care management software allows for complete integration of Human Resources support (online changes, card requests, etc.); member claims, pharmacy lookup and a full menu of Disease Management and Wellness Materials are all available at no additional cost.