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Medical Plan Management

Medical Plan Management


In a traditional fully insured health plan, the insurance carrier collects premiums and pays claims based on the benefits of the policy purchased. Under this model, the insurance carrier retains any unused premium. Much like a traditional fully insured plan, self-funded plans have fixed costs such as administration fees and stop-loss premiums which are collected monthly based on plan enrollment. 

Advantages of Self-Funding

According to a recent suvey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, over 59% of the US workforce is covered by a self-funded medical plan.  The following are just a few reasons why employers select self-funding:

  • Increased Financial Control
  • Lower Costs
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Cost Management
  • Information Management

Is Self-Funding Right For Your Organization?

The only way to know for sure if your organization can benefit from self-funding is to analyze your existing plan design and recent claims experience. Gateway Health provides this analysis at no cost or obligation.  Contact us to learn more!