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Regional Healthcare Roundtable Group Health and Wellness Survey

Click here to download the results of the RHRG's Health and Wellness Benefits Survey for Danville and Pittsylvania County.


The Regional Healthcare Roundtable Group is comprised of local employers who are dedicated to addressing the issues of healthcare and wellness for this region. To better understand the healthcare challenges and wellness efforts employers are facing, we have developed a survey. In this survey, local employers were asked to answer questions about their organization's medical and wellness benefits. Our goal with this survey is to help our area employers as they develop and manage their own employee benefits plan. Many employers want to know how their benefit plan design and premium costs compare to other companies on a local basis.

The purpose of the RHRG is to collaboratively develop a community wide "best-practices" for employee health benefit goals and design; share new ideas, data, and successes over the long-term; empower employers with actionable data with which to make decisions; establish employer and employee benchmarks for plan performance; examine contemporary cost control and health improvement strategies; and assist in adoption of strategies by individual RHR Group businesses.  Danville Regional Medical Center and Gateway Health have agreed to support and facilitate the Group's mission.