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Gateway Health is a managed care company dedicated to partnering with employers in order to provide them with affordable, well managed health insurance. Gateway Health is organized as a free-standing corporation, operating separately from the hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, mental healthfacilities and other providers.  

  • Our business purpose is to integrate health care providers in Virginia and Central North Carolina into a managed care delivery system.
  • Form health care partnerships with area employers aimed at fostering collaborative strategies for reducing health care benefit costs and assuring cost-effective, quality care.
  • Reduce health care costs for area employers operating in the region by emphasizing wellness and avoiding costly health care treatments.
  • Become a market leader by providing data and leadership to maximize value for area employers.

 Today, more than 70 employers now offer health plan benefits through Gateway Health to nearly 30,000 employees and their family members across the country.

Our success is due in large part to the way that Gateway Health has facilitated significant changes over the years in how health care is provided and paid for on behalf of Gateway Health client employers.  Each Gateway Health Client Employer has different goals and needs.  Accordingly, Gateway Health has facilitated a variety of health benefit plan strategies to achieve employers’ goals in terms of cost, access to providers, employees’ preferences and administrative requirements.  Gateway Health’s greatest source of pride is that goals have been achieved and the predictable problems associated with change have been addressed through our working Gateway HealthEmployer partnerships.

Interested in joining Gateway Health Alliance's Provider Network?

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